Research and Training for Undergraduates
in Biological and Mathematical Sciences


UBM (Undergraduate Biology and Math) is an interdisciplinary program in mathematical biology for WSU undergraduates. Faculty from across campus are involved in this project. The main goals of our program are to increase undergraduate participation and training in mathematical biology. The program includes: cross-disciplinary training in mathematics, statistics, computer science, and biology; collaborative research projects in biomathematics; and curriculum development. Support for our program comes from the National Science Foundation.

Undergraduate and faculty participants collaborate in research projects that address emerging questions in mathematical biology. A list of sample projects with brief descriptions is available here. Projects involve working closely with faculty and their laboratories, and can contribute to research publications. Independent research in this interdisciplinary field will strengthen connections between classroom learning, research methods, and the scientific literature.

Our program is also developing new courses in the interdisciplinary area, with the long term goals of developing a mathematical biology curriculum and establishing a foundation for comprehensive undergraduate education in mathematical biology.

Contact: Charlotte Omoto, School of Biological Sciences, Washington State University, Pullman, WA, 99164-4236 USA.